Bugs Don't Make Fun Bedmates

Bugs Don't Make Fun Bedmates

Get a pest inspection done to find out if they're infesting your Westville, IN home

You were sleeping soundly until something startled you. You slowly blink open your eyes and watch the world come into focus. Then you realize that a beetle is staring back at you.

After a few heart palpitations and possibly some screaming, place a call to Andy's Home Inspection. Our trained pest inspection team will find out if you have a serious pest problem. Helping you rest easy is what we're all about.

Call us now to schedule a pest inspection in Westville, IN or the surrounding areas.

Is your property infested with termites?

You're rightfully worried about termites because repairing the damage can be costly. The pest experts at Andy's Home Inspection know that early detection is the key to minimizing expenses.

You can do your own preliminary termite inspection by looking out for:

  • Tapping sounds in your walls
  • Piles of termite droppings
  • Sagging floors

As soon as you notice any of these signs, contact us. We'll respond quickly to complete a professional termite inspection in your Westville, IN-area home.